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Friday, 4 May 2012

Air Arms Jackal - High Power

Jackal High power .22, have recently acquired 2 of these, the first one my son immediately claimed, after handling and shooting it I had to have one for myself . The 2  pictured above are  both .22 High Powers the top one had iron sights (Sons) the bottom one had a barrel weight and no iron sights. The magazine attached is not an original but an SLR mag adapted to fit. These guns are at least 22 years old , These guns were originally produced by the Sussex Armoury who went bust in 1982 Air Arms bought the remaining parts from Sussex Armoury and the rifles were produced up until 1990. Top gun is a low serial number so is older than the bottom oneby quite a few years .
These guns are side lever action, with a tap for loading ( no trapped fingers ) gun has no safety. Weigh just over 8lbs with out a scope. They were made in .177 , .22 and the very rare .20. Both guns have been stripped, and lubed and shoot very smoothly with no twang or hollow stock sound.
Of all the guns i have this is my all time keeper it looks great , shoots great and always gets other shooters wanting a go. A few years ago these usually sold for about £60 - £70, these days you will see them going for £180+ as a minimum.

 Air Arms produced a number of different versions all using the same action , these included ABS and wooden stocks.

  • Firepower
  • Hi Power
  • Rapide ( wood )
  • Combat
  • S-A/L
  • Woodsman ( wood )
  • Bora( wood )
  • Mistral ( wood )
  • Carmague( wood )
  • Khamsin( wood )
  • SE90( wood )
  • EX88( wood ) 
below are a few examples of some adverts in the press for some of the above.

Every one who has owned one of these has either kept it and would never sell or regrets to this day selling one. They are one of a kind and the only military looking Air Gun ever made. The .22 High Powers are the most common .177 high powers are rare , the .20 is very rare. Firepower and Combat are difficult to find.


  1. I am one of the unfortunate individuals that owned one of these from new in 86 and then got hard up for cash and had to sell after owning the rifle for just over 12 months.

    the reason i say unfortunate is because i sold it and have always regreted doing so and as much as i look around i have never wanted to own another air rifle other than the exact model i had.

    i loved it and now i would like to get my hands on another but have not been able to find one anywhere.

    so if there is anyone out there that has one collecting dust pls feel free to message me.

    1. Air Arms FirePower for sale


  2. Hi , I have a Sussex armoury jackal .22 in very good condition with British army leather sling and dummy mag , I still have the original box! It is powerful and accurate , I bought it in the 80s , it was well used and better than any other . I can't use I where I live now and am saving for another 80 s icon a Yamaha sg guitar so I will consider offers for my jackal . 07913668771

  3. Hi All I have a very rare Sussex Armoury Combat .22 In good cond, good scope plus iron sights, sling, muzzle weight, original fake mag and bag, had it since 1980's, it is for sale to a good home, £250.00, Stoke on Trent Area, Also have a Saxby Palmer Ensign with Cartridges, requires repair open to offers over £100.00 contact Wayne on Wayneturner5@aol.com and I will be in touch

    1. Wayne, you're obviously not aware that the Saxby Palmer Ensign rifles are (sadly, and pointlessly in my opinion) illegal to possess except on a firearms certificate, and under any circumstances illegal to sell or in any other way transfer ownership in the UK. They are in the same classification as the Brocock TAC system, and are banned as they were deemed "readily convertible to fire live amunition".

  4. I exactly like "ray Wymer" I owned one from new in the early 80s and sold it for the same reasons, and have always regretted it.

    I have owned a Air Arms Carmague from new that i had at the same time i owned my Jackal Hi-Power.
    My Carmague has a Tyrolean stock that is very comfortable plus the rifle is very light and can be carried all day without any problems.
    I have never seen another Carmague in all the time i have owned mine and would love to meet someone who has also owned one from new in the early 80s

    I only this week acquired a Jackal Hi-Power 22 for £100 with a 6-24x50 illuminated scope, I am well happy again to own and see one again.
    It's been over 22 years or more since i owned mine and have never seen a single one anywhere in all that time so they must be quite rare now.

    1. Air Arms Fire Power .22 for sale


  5. hi
    i have one of these which is indentical to the one in the bottom picy except for the tele sight on mine is the same size at the back and front end if any ones interested in it , it .22 and a very nice gun
    contact me omn dean.barrow2010@gmail.com

  6. I bought .22 Jackal Hi Power when it was first in air gunner magazine, with the scope The top loader was optional which I also got... Except you could not use the hunter pellets ... I still own it and love using it when ever I can , unfortunately not enough ... Mine never came with the tripod ... Must have a look for one of those attachments ...finishes it off nicely ...

  7. I own a Airarms combat rifle, and was wondering what the value of it is now?

  8. The Air Arms Combat model is the rarest and most sought after, a lot will depend on its condition, I would say £250 to £300at the moment but i have seen Hi Powers go for that in the past

  9. Thank you for your reply,the only problem i see with my combat is the original front and rear sights were removed and a telescopic sight fitted in its place.